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Become a Mentor

Why Should I Become a Mentor?

Being a BIG BROTHER, BIG SISTER, BIG COUPLE or BIG FAMILY is one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling things you will ever do. You have the opportunity to help shape a child’s future for the better by empowering him or her to achieve. The best part is, it’s actually a lot of fun. You and your LITTLE can share the kinds of activities you already like to do.

There is a FIT for YOU!

We know you are busy. Cool thing is, mentoring works around your schedule. Our staff are trained social services professionals here to help whenever you need it. You will be well-equipped with loads of information, advice, tips and answers. We have activity ideas, organized events and a handy list of discounts available to our Matches.

Community-Based Mentoring

Matches typically meet twice a month on evenings and/or weekends at the convenience of both parties. Volunteers coordinate match times and activities directly with the parent. Match outings are usually two hours but will vary based on time availability and match activities. Matches get to know each other and develop their friendships through various activities they enjoy such as taking a walk, attending sporting events, visiting the library or partaking in a favorite hobby, etc. The possibilities are limitless and flexible. For this program option, you must be at least 18 years old, have a driver’s license, access to a vehicle and auto insurance.

School-Based Mentoring

Volunteers visit a Little at an elementary school near their home, work or high school. Weekly meetings occur over the child’s lunch/recess during the school year. Matches get to know each other and develop their friendships through various activities such as board games, cards, puzzles, coloring and more! For this program option, you must be at least 16 years old and must have a valid drivers license.

Interested in Becoming a Mentor?

Ready to apply?

If you’re ready to start the enrollment process, please fill out the application here.


Note: This application is for volunteers who live in Wisconsin in Fond du Lac and Northern Dodge County. If you live outside of this area, please visit the BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS of AMERICA national website to search for your local agency.

Want more information before you apply?

Please fill out this form and we will contact you soon.


Who are the Bigs in the program?2023-08-16T15:47:07-05:00

Our Bigs come from diverse backgrounds just like our Littles. They are regular people, just like you. You don’t need any special degrees or job skills. You just have to want to positively impact a young person. Role models come in all shapes and sizes, and you could be a perfect fit!

What is Big Brothers Big Sisters?2023-08-16T15:47:02-05:00

Big Brothers Big Sisters is a non-profit agency that creates professionally supported, one-to-one mentoring relationships (matches) between youth (Littles) and caring adult role models (Bigs).

What type of child will I be paired with?2023-08-16T15:47:12-05:00

We strive to follow your preferences closely. During the application process, we learn specifics about the child, the parent/guardian, and yourself which will help us make a match. These specifics include age, religion, personality, family backgrounds, and ethnicity. After information is exchanged regarding a potential Little, you will have the final say as to whether or not this is the right fit for you.

What sort of support will I receive from the agency?2023-08-16T15:47:21-05:00

Once you are matched with your Little, a Match Support Specialist from the agency will be in regular contact with you to provide assistance and give feedback. Any time you are unsure about what to do or how to handle a situation, you will have a Match Support Specialist there to help. They’ll help you with ideas for activities, guidance for handling possible difficult situations, and feedback on how you are making a difference.

How much money should I spend?2023-08-16T15:47:15-05:00

The quality of the time you invest with your Little is more important than the amount of money you spend. That’s why we don’t encourage spending a lot of money on your outings. If you are going to spend money, we encourage you to seek out low-cost activities, especially in the beginning. Play a game together or share that pizza that you were going to have for lunch anyway. Big Brothers Big Sisters agencies offer donor-supported group activities that are a great way to meet other Bigs and Littles. As a Big, you may also receive notices for free tickets to cultural and sports activities for you both to enjoy.

Will I become a replacement parent?2023-08-16T15:47:25-05:00

No, Littles have a parent or guardian in their life already. What they need is a Big to spend quality, one-on-one time with them. Someone to have fun with, someone they can confide in, someone like you!


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