Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) of Fond du Lac County is proud to announce this year’s Big of the Year, Frank Bonincontri from Holiday Automotive.

BBBS of Fond du Lac County has amazing mentors.  That’s a fact.  These mentors (Bigs) spend their time and energy with an at-risk child (Little), building a friendship, offering support and inspiring each child to reach their full potential.


So why did BBBS choose Frank Bonincontri as Fond du Lac County’s Big of the Year?  “If you ask him, he’ll tell you he’s an ‘average’ guy that gets the opportunity ‘to relive his childhood through being part of the BBBS program,” said Tammy Young, Executive Director of BBBS of Fond du Lac County.  “Well Frank,” said Young, we think you are anything but ‘average’.”

Frank and Wolfgang have been matched in the BBBS program since 2016 and have proven that wanting the best for a child and truly caring about them and their future makes a difference.  Wolfgang, like many of our children, comes from a tough background.  When he first entered our program, he struggled significantly with his behavior and manners and was in desperate need of a     Big Brother or Sister, enter Frank.

Frank has far exceeded the expectations we have of a Big Brother.  Not only has he been a positive influence on his Little Brother, but a great supporter of the BBBS organization. He has excelled at speaking about our mission and shows every day why being a mentor is so important.  He takes every opportunity to promote BBBS, talking about his match and recruiting people to be a Big or to be part of our fundraisers.  He recruited his wife Stacy to be a mentor in our program as well.

Frank has given Wolfgang one of the best gifts a person could ask, trust and friendship. When Wolfgang was asked what he thought about Frank, his reply said it all.  “He’s really kind and treats me like family.  He is energetic, patient and wise.  He respects my opinion and understands me when others have not.”  Frank is a true inspiration and the very definition of a Big Brother.  “As a staff we often talk about what a difference Frank has made, helping Wolfgang grow and mature,” said Young.   “Matches like Frank and Wolfgang’s are what BBBS is all about.  They are proof of the impact a Big can have on a Little, empowering and inspiring him or her to reach their full potential.”

BBBS assists children with social, emotional and character development through one-to-one mentoring relationships with caring adults.  Children in the program come from a wide variety of backgrounds, many coming from single parent households, living at or below poverty level.  BBBS matches children with a Big Brother, Sister, Couple or Family in a community or school-based program.  Children aged 6 through 13 can enroll in the program through a parent or guardian referral.  Volunteers need to be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license for the community-based program, 16 years old for the school-based program.  For more information about the program or to volunteer, call 920-922-8200 or visit