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Enroll a Child

Enrollment – Start Something BIG!

The following are brief descriptions of the programs Big Brothers Big Sisters of Fond du Lac County has to offer to children in the area. Fill out an application to get your child involved.

Community-Based Match

The Community-Based program matches a Little one-to-one with a Big. The match spends a minimum or 4-6 hours per month together doing everyday activities at their convenience. The initial commitment is for one year; however, the ultimate goal is for the match to develop into a lifelong friendship. A traditional Little Brother or Little Sister must be between 6 and 13 years old. A traditional Big Brother or Big Sister must be at least 18 years old, have reliable transportation with auto insurance and meet all Big Brothers Big Sisters guidelines.

School/Site-Based Match

School/Site-based matches get together for 30 – 45 minutes each week during the Little’s lunch hour at their school or during an after-school program at a designated site during the school year. School/Site-based matches spend this time talking, playing games, working on homework and many other activities on the school grounds. School/Site-based mentoring has been proven to help students develop more positive attitude towards school, improve grades, and improve relationships with both adults and peers. To be a School/Site-based Little, the child must have the flexibility to meet once a week over the lunch hour or during the after-school program and be referred by the school guidance counselor, their teacher, or their parent(s).

Want to enroll a child?

If you are interested in enrolling your child, send us your information below. A professional Enrollment Specialist will contact you so further steps can be taken to get your child a big brother or sister. If you have additional questions, call us at 920-922-8200.

Take the first step to inspire potential

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Enrollment FAQs

What is Big Brothers Big Sisters?2018-05-15T21:38:33-05:00

Big Brothers Big Sisters is a non-profit agency that matches children with adults who help by simply being a special friend. If you are looking for a fun and exciting way to make a big difference in the life of a child, Big Brothers and Big Sisters may be just what you are looking for. Every child deserves to have a person in his or her life to count on and to be there sharing childhood successes and struggles … someone who will take the time to listen, to help develop a positive self-image, enhance their sense of well-being and provide hope and encouragement.

What is a “little?”2018-05-15T20:15:21-05:00

A little brother or little sister is a child in our program between ages 6-18. A little could be your daughter, nephew, the child next door or from your church. Our littles come from all different backgrounds and socio-economic groups.

Will this cost me anything?2018-06-01T19:21:01-05:00

Our services are free to you and your little. Keep in mind, the idea is not to spend a lot of money, but instead for the match to spend fun, quality time together. With that said, any and all recreation/restaurant stops will be at your expense. Big Brothers Big Sisters has a discount program for matches that includes many local restaurants, entertainment and recreational businesses. Additionally, Big Brothers Big sisters offers many free agency outings such as the summer picnic held at the Dock Spiders.

What is a “match”2018-05-15T20:51:42-05:00

A match is the pairing of a big brother to a little brother, a big sister to a little brother/little sister, a big couple to a little brother/little sister or a big family to a little brother/little sister. Big Brothers Big Sisters matches bigs with littles based on similar interests in order to make the best possible match.

Is the program safe for my child?2018-05-15T20:59:01-05:00

Our enrollment staff are comprised of experienced professionals that thoroughly and completely screen every volunteer. Volunteer and child friendships are monitored monthly. This process helps ensure the most successful match between your child and a qualified volunteer mentor. Big Brothers Big Sisters aims to make a quality match that is best for your child and for the volunteer.

Do I get to choose a big?2018-05-15T21:23:46-05:00

Your input is key to our success. Our matching services teams will interview the volunteers, parents and children involved. From the information gathered in those interviews, a member of the Match Specialist team will decide which volunteer is best for your child. We will then discuss the selected volunteer with you and get your permission to proceed with the matching process.

Helpful Links and Phone Numbers

Resource Website Phone Number
Fond du Lac County Department of Community Programs fdlco.wi.gov 920-929-3500
Fond du Lac County Health Department fdlco.wi.gov 920-929-3085
Fond du Lac County Department of Social Services fdlco.wi.gov
Women, Infants, & Children (WIC) Program fdlco.wi.gov 920-929-3104
Fond du Lac Recreation Department fdlrecdept.com 920-929-2885
Samaritan Free Clinic 920-926-4841
Aurora Health Care aurorahealthcare.org 920-907-7000
Doll & Associates, S.C. 920-907-8201
Family Resource Center fdlfrc.org 920-923-4110
Boys & Girls Club of Fond du Lac kidsclubfdl.org 920-924-0530
ASTOP, Inc. astop.org 920-926-5395
The MOMS Club of Fond du Lac momsclub.org 1-888-249-6444
Advocap Head Start 920-922-7760
R.E.A.C.H. Youth Mentoring Program (for teens) 920-929-3192
UW-Extension 920-929-3170
Drug Free Communities – Fond du Lac County drugfreefdl.com 920-906-6700
ARC for Women & Children 920-907-0813
Solutions Center solutionsfdl.com 920-923-1743
Bethany House Homeless Shelter 920-923-2880
YMCA of Fond du Lac fdlymca.org 920-921-3330
Catholic Charities 920-923-2550
Lutheran Social Services – Project Youth lsswis.org 920-907-0900 or 1-800-686-1346
The Salvation Army salvationarmywi.org  920-923-8233
 Quit Smoking Community quitsmokingcommunity.org
Fond du Lac Public Library fdlpl.org 920-929-7080
Fond du Lac Area United Way, Inc. fdlunitedway.org 920-921-7010


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